Imaging and Investigations

How long does a typical eye exam take?
Most eye exams last between an hour and ninety minutes.
How long do eye imaging tests take?
Depending on the type of imaging done, it can take between half an hour to an hour to give you complete results.
Do you have to recover from imaging of the eye?
If your pupils need to be dilated, it may take up to six hours for your eyes to return to normal.
Is eye imaging painful?
Dr Miller and Dr Esra perform painless eye imaging tests and investigations.

Laser Treatments

Are laser eye treatments painful?
Most laser eye treatments are not painful.
How long do laser eye treatments typically take?
Depending on the type of laser required, each eye typically takes approximately ten minutes to complete.
How long does it take to recover from laser eye treatments?
It takes between two and five days to recover from laser eye treatments.

Retinal Disease

Are retinal diseases curable?
Unfortunately, there are no cures for most retinal diseases, and they can get progressively worse over time. Dr Miller and Dr Esra will treat your specific condition, minimise the symptoms, and aim to stabilise your vision.
Are retinal diseases painful?
The simple answer is no. Few retinal diseases cause pain and discomfort. It is essential to seek medical help from a specialist Ophthalmologist to avoid visual loss.
Can retinal disease cause blindness?
Retinal diseases may lead to blindness. With early diagnosis and the correct treatment, you can prevent or delay blindness. Dr Miller and Dr Esra will create a treatment plan specific to your individual needs.


Is glaucoma curable?
Glaucoma is not curable, and any damage caused by the disease is irreparable. Early detection and diagnosis and a proper treatment plan can inhibit the significant progression of the disease. Dr Miller and Dr Esra will create the best treatment and management plan to help ensure the best results possible.
Is glaucoma painful?
Whilst glaucoma can lead to eventual blindness, it is a pain-free condition. Because of its insidious nature, treatment is vital.
How many people suffer from glaucoma?
The top cause of blindness globally is glaucoma, and it affects approximately 2.2% of the population.


Are cataracts painful?
Cataracts make the eyes more light-sensitive, but they are typically painless.
Is cataract removal painful?
Dr Miller and Dr Esra will ensure that you have pain-free cataract surgery. You may experience minimal discomfort.
Can cataracts cause blindness?
Only if cataracts are left untreated can they eventually lead to blindness.
How long does it take to recover after cataract removal?
You should recover fully within six weeks of completing the procedure.


Is pterygium painful?
Pterygium may present in several painless ways, but irritation and discomfort may occur.
Can pterygium cause blindness?
Pterygia are not usually a cause of blindness, but if the condition progresses, it can lead to poor vision.
How long does it take for a pterygium to go away?
Dr Miller or Dr Esra will perform surgery to remove a pterygium, and full recovery should take a few months.


Is uveitis painful?
Yes, uveitis can cause pain, and it can also cause blurred vision.
Is uveitis curable?
Depending on the cause and severity of the uveitis, it may be curable. Prompt and correct treatment strategies are important.
How long does it take to recover from uveitis?
Recovery from uveitis is slow, and episodes can be recurrent. Dr Miller and Dr Esra will keep you on treatment until there is no longer any sign of inflammation.

Neurological Conditions

Are neurological conditions of the eye painful?
Optic neuropathies may cause pain.
Can neurological conditions of the eye cause blindness?
If left untreated, optic neurological conditions can affect vision and peripheral vision of one or both eyes.
Are neurological conditions of the eye curable?
Neurological eye conditions can be managed but may not be reversible or curable.

Dry and Allergic Eye Disease

Is dry eye disease painful?
This disease can be more uncomfortable than painful, but some people experience extreme pain and blurred vision.
Is allergic eye disease curable?
Modern treatments make this disease completely manageable through oral and topical treatments.
Can dry eye disease lead to blindness?
It is very unlikely that dry eye disease causes blindness.

Paediatric Conditions

Are paediatric eye conditions curable?
With early intervention, many childhood eye problems can be treated.
Is amblyopia curable?
Amblyopia or lazy eye must be treated from a young age to enable improvement of vision.
Is a chalazion painful?
A chalazion or stye may be quite painful. Antibiotic therapy and drainage are usually necessary.